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The doctor was reassuring and well informed. He carefully explained the options I could take for treatment.

S C, Minor-Skin Surgery (Consultation) Customer

This was a follow up treatment which has left me feeling good now that I can hear again and I felt well cared for by the excellent audiologist and confident with my treatment and advice. The good reception and bright buildings also add to the feeling of calm. I am happy to recommend. Thank you

S B, Ear-Care (Microsuction) Customer

Very nice, understanding and informative.

Parent/Guardian of A O, ASD Assessment Customer

Lovely facility with pleasant staff

H H, Carpal Tunnel Decompression Customer

I have completed the feedback form already but I just wanted to say thank you so much to the team that assessed my daughter on the 29th April. I was extremely worried to bring my daughter in at the age of just 2.5 as I feel a lot of professionals like to ignore our instincts as parents, they can even make you feel as if it’s your ‘fault’ and try to send you on parenting courses. This was totally not the case in your Chelmer clinic. The team could straight away see what I see every single day. This alongside the swift responses from the reception / admin team, the super quick waiting times - I am so pleased we chose you. I have since referred three friends and have also made the health visiting team aware who you are... (we are) now also urging parents to refer to yourselves after my positive experience .

Parent/Guardian of I H, Right To Choose ASD Assessment Customer

Beautiful, calm location. Started on time. Friendly, understanding, and they made my my daughter feel at ease to be herself.

A G, ASD/ADHD Services Customer

The whole booking process was smooth. I can not thank the 3 people that assessed our son enough; they showed genuine care and empathy to us all.

Parent/Guardian of O B, Right To Choose ASD Assessment Customer

Lovely understanding people, excellent with my young son

Parent/Guardian of B C, Right To Choose ASD Assessment Customer

All very efficient.

S R, Ear Care (Microsuction) Customer

Very happy as usual

S R, Ear-Care (Microsuction) Customer

Very friendly and reassuring - care received was first rate. Couldn't have asked for anything more...

O C, No-Scalpel Vasectomy Customer

I need wax removal treatment every six months and the service I receive is always excellent.

D K, Ear Care (Microsuction) Customer

Easy to access and lovely staff

Anonymous, Carpal Tunnel Decompression (Assessment) Customer

All the staff were so helpful and lovely especially the admin team. The staff made me and my son feel welcome, I can't thank you all enough

Parent of R S, Right To Choose ASD Assessment Customer

It was all very smooth and efficiently done. The doctor and nurse were very professional and friendly.

S B, No-Scalpel Vasectomy Customer

Right from parking to reception and then seeing the specialist, it was all a breeze! Very comfortable and welcoming!

A P, Carpal Tunnel Decompression (Assessment) Customer

Dr Band is amazing

K Y, ASD/ADHD Services Customer

The ladies interacting with my child were lovely and she was as relaxed as she could be during the process

Parent/Guardian of J H, ASD/ADHD Services Customer

Attended my appointment slightly early and was seen earlier. Both Dr and nurse were brilliant. Very calm, helped me relax and the when procedure was much less painful and intense than I thought it would be. Overall a very good experience

M C, No-Scalpel Vasectomy Customer

I found the surgeon and staff friendly and professional in all aspects of the procedure I underwent today

Anonymous, Carpel Tunnel Decompression Customer

Friendly helpful staff, short wait times

G F, Ear Care (Custom Ear Moulds) Customer

Receptionist was very warm friendly and welcoming. I then met the surgeon and straight away warmed to him as he was very professional and so personable I liked him straight away which put me at ease

C G, Minor-Skin (Consultation) Customer

Really nice staff who made my daughter feel at ease

Parent/Guardian of A B, ASD Assessment Customer

Fantastic service. Very friendly, they made my son feel very at ease. The assessment was carried out very professionally, and at a pace that made me feel comfortable. Highly recommend

Parent/Guardian of J R, Right To Choose ASD Assessment Customer

Good service, all appointments kept on time.

M P, No-Scalpel Vasectomy Customer

Very clean surgery, Doctor and Nurse really put me at ease and explained everything very clearly. And so far very little pain as a result of the procedure.

C P, No-Scalpel Vasectomy Customer

I loved everything about Provide Wellbeing from start to finish. It was such a relief to feel listened to and taken seriously after years of being misunderstood by schools and other important figures. I would absolutely recommend PW to anyone.

Parent/Guardian of H G, Right To Choose ASD Assessment Customer

Pain free treatment, very polite staff, would recommend.

J H, Ear Care (Microsuction) Customer

Extremely proficient, warm & caring. Everything was explained clearly & carefully. Superb service.

I R, No-Scalpel Vasectomy Customer

Fantastic service, so friendly and efficient

J S, Carpal Tunnel Decompression (Assessment) Customer

Every time I have been always seen on time, nurses always so friendly and helpful.

H G, Ear Care (Microsuction) Customer

Excellent service, from surgery and the team, quick service from original being referred.

A F, Carpal Tunnel Decompression Customer

I was really happy with how quick and easy the whole experience was.

T D, No-Scalpel Vasectomy Customer

Felt at ease as soon as we walked in. Very polite and professional attitude and extremely thorough and understanding.

Parent/Guardian of K H, ASD Assessment Customer

Very quick and friendly service

J W, No-Scalpel Vasectomy Customer

Very friendly and Dr explained everything very clearly

J W, Carpal Tunnel Decompression (Assessment) Customer

Very happy with my experience

D C, Carpal Tunnel Decompression (Assessment) Customer

Dr Band and Amy at Provide Wellbeing Chelmer Clinic, were absolutely amazing! We visited for my 14 year old son's Autism assessment, and were greeted by Dr Band who explained the process clearly. I really cannot praise Dr Band and the team at Chelmer Clinic enough. You made my son feel totally at ease, and enabled him to fully be present and participate happily in his assessment. Feedback after was so lovely, Amy gave a wonderful summary of how my child views the world, and we were pleased that he has finally got a diagnosis. This will now enable me to access further support for him, as he progresses through adolescence into adulthood, so he can reach his full potential.

Parent/Guardian of C W, ASD Assessment Customer

Highly professional and competent member of staff carried out the procedure with skill and without any discomfort. Keep up the good work.

M C, Ear Care (Microsuction) Customer

Very good and very comfortable with all the staff

C E, Carpal Tunnel Decompression Customer

Paul is amazing and am glad to be pain free once again

Z S, Joint Injection Customer

Excellent professional service

S H, No-Scalpel Vasectomy Customer

Very nice doctors and ladies who deal with the Autism. Very relaxed appointment, they explained very good what was going to happen on the day, greatly appreciated.

Parent/Guardian of L F, ASD Assessment Customer

My experience was extremely positive from start to finish - from initial contact up until the diagnosis which was managed within a really quick turnaround time. I cannot thank everyone enough at Provide Wellbeing for all of their support and information in confirming a diagnosis for my son.

Parent/Guardian of A C, Right To Choose ASD Assessment Customer

It was first class

L H, Minor Skin Surgery Customer

Care was great. Quick process too.

C M, No-Scalpel Vasectomy Customer


J T, Carpal Tunnel Decompression Customer

Excellent service, friendly and professional

G R, No-Scalpel Vasectomy Customer

Very helpful. Timely. Informative. Patient.

Parent/Guardian of D B, Right To Choose ASD Assessment Customer

The team who provided my vasectomy were great. Kept me distracted and also provided me with tips to make the recovery as good as possible. Thanks again!

D H, No-Scalpel Vasectomy Customer

I was made to feel comfortable and relaxed from the minute I arrived and through the procedure.

A W, Carpal Tunnel Decompression Customer

Doctor and nurse were fantastic and took time to explain everything very well. All staff friendly and process very well organised.

M C, No-Scalpel Vasectomy Customer

Really positive first time experiences

C A, Carpal Tunnel Decompression (Assessment) Customer

Quick, efficient, friendly and very professional. So pleased with the provider.

Parent/Guardian of K H, Right To Choose ASD Assessment Customer

Very good communication. Helpful friendly staff, everything explained properly and professionally. Procedure carried out quickly with good bedside manner. Many thanks.

B H, No-Scalpel Vasectomy Customer

Very thorough yet swift process. Staff made me feel comfortable.

D B, No-Scalpel Vasectomy Customer

The surgeon explained the options to me in detail, including the pros and cons. A thorough consultation. Friendly and approachable. I was able to ask questions which were answered efficiently.

J M, Minor Skin Surgery (Assessment) Customer

Jo performed ear suction on me and was excellent in every way. I have seen Jo before and she is extremely professional and able. Thank you.

D C, Ear-Care (Microsuction) Customer

The doctor and nurse created a very relaxed atmosphere.

S B, No-Scalpel Vasectomy Customer

The doctor I saw was amazing, I have anxiety and started having a panic attack in the middle of my appointment and he was so calming, he really helped me through it, honestly the best experience I've had with a doctor in years.

K M, Carpal Tunnel Decompression (Assessment) Customer

Made to feel at ease from start to finish.

R B, No-Scalpel Vasectomy Customer

Lovely people, made us feel at ease staightaway.

Parent/Guardian of VT, ASD Assessment Customer

Excellent service from start to finish. Hardly any waiting time before we got seen.

Parent/Guardian of G B, Right To Choose ASD Assessment Customer

A one off appointment to get ear moulds made. I now have them.

D S, Ear-Care (Ear Moulds) Customer

From the first contact with your receptionist onwards I felt that we were listened to and that you were there to help us. You made the potentially complicated process of the Right to Choose pathway so straightforward. We always had the information we needed, unprompted. All the staff on the day of our visit were friendly and professional and put us and our daughter at ease. We commented in the car on the way home how grateful we were that the whole process had been so simple, knowing that many families have to battle for a diagnosis.

Parent of E A, Right To Choose ASD Assessment Service

A very professional service that puts your mind at ease of any worries you may have about the process.

Parent/Guardian of D B, ASD Assessment Customer

The medical team were very professional and made me feel completely at ease. I would recommend Provide Wellbeing.

L S, Carpal Tunnel Decompression Surgery Customer

Nothing to say apart from your staff made me feel at ease and explained everything to me that I was about to undergo.

R F, No-Scalpel Vasectomy Customer

Jo was just amazing

D L, Ear-Care (Microsuction) Customer

Modern reception and treatment area, friendly staff and perfect treatment of ear microsuction. I was in and out in 10 minutes. Booking system is great too. I have been for ear microsuction elsewhere when the service was in the middle of moving to provide HQ - the treatment there didn't work due to not having good enough equipment and I left still unable to hear so I now wouldn't go anywhere else for this procedure. Thank you.

M W, Ear-Care (Microsuction) Customer

Little waiting time, good staff made me feel at ease. Clear instructions and procedure. Clean facilities.

P R, No-Scalpel Vasectomy Customer

Appointment on time which is very important to me. Procedure was explained fully and nice calm environment, Assistant excellent and caring.

C C, Ear-Care (Microsuction) Customer

I visited yesterday with my daughter, although we were 10 minutes late. We got seen straight away. Place was very clean, well run and staff were great.

Parent of P W, ASD Assessment Customer

The most perfect experience for my teenage son. He felt reassured and comforted through the whole assessment. The staff were amazing with him and helpful with myself too. The clinic itself is clean and welcoming, 5 star experience from start to finish!

Parent of J J, ASD Assessment Customer

Seamless from start to finish - easy to deal with, phone consultation was good, followed by clear instructions about the procedure. Regular opportunities to take an earlier slot messaged over, and then the procedure on the day was conducted with professionalism and good humour (it's a bit awkward otherwise!). Zero pain and hope for a swift recovery. Thank you all.

B T, No-Scalpel Vasectomy Customer

A warm and friendly reception on arrival…..and a cup of proper coffee! The Podiatrist is very professional, and my feet have never been as good since I started going to her. A very pleasant way to spend an hour!!

T C, Podiatry Customer

Very friendly assessor's, explained everything well.

Parent/Guardian of H H, Combined ASD/ADHD Assessment Customer

Very friendly and approachable doctor, lovely receptionist, and nice surrounding.

Anonymous, Carpal-Tunnel Decompression (Assessment) Customer

Lovely place very lovely staff. Operation done quickly. Great service.

L M, Carpal-Tunnel Decompression Customer

On time. Minimal discomfort. Pleasant staff.

B R, Ear-Care (Microsuction) Customer

Easy contact. Very helpful.

D R, No-Scalpel Vasectomy Customer

Good facilities, friendly staff. Great experience. Thank you.

H M, No-Scalpel Vasectomy Customer

Very happy with the service. Everyone friendly and professional

P S, Carpal Tunnel Decompression Customer

I had an injection for carpal tunnel. The Dr was polite & friendly. Everything was explained & the injection was painless.

D F, Carpal Tunnel Injection Customer

Incredible personal touch. The team really get it, and knew exactly how to support my son even though they'd never met him before. Couldn't have asked for more .

Parent/Guardian of H B, Right To Choose ASD Assessment Customer

Everyone was very friendly, helpful and professional. The environment was relaxed and comfortable and my appointment was on time. Special mention for the lovely lady on reception.

I W, No-Scalpel Vasectomy Customer

Was seen to on time. Very pleasant, knowledgeable and competent practitioner . Very clean treatment room. Very pleasant receptionist. Easy to park.

C W, Ear Care (Microsuction) Customer

Excellent experience, staff carrying out the procedure were extremely professional & done their best to put me at ease & make me feel comfortable.

L T, No-Scalpel Vasectomy Customer

It was lovely to have my sons assessment at the Chelmer clinic. It made it seem less formal and, therefore, much less intimidating for him. The staff were very understanding and made the assessment as pleasant as possible.

Parent of D B, ASD Assessment Customer

Thank you for sending the report so soon. I have received excellent service throughout and the doctors at my son's assessment were brilliant. I will be recommending your service to other parents in my group.

Parent of S A, Right To Choose ASD Assessment Customer

Staff are friendly and reassuring. Made me and my daughter feel at ease, full communication provided

Parent of S G, ASD Assessment Customer

Friendly. Caring 

Parent of G I, ASD Assessment Customer

Jo explained the procedure very clearly and put me at ease.

S H, Ear Care (Microsuction) Customer

Very friendly staff made me feel very welcome, and they know what they are doing. The nurse kept conversation going the whole time and made the process a lot more comforting, and the doctor was very gentle. Didn't feel a thing

M R, No-Scalpel Vasectomy Customer

Joanna was really great with my 4 year old daughter for her microsuctioning appointment. Highly recommend

R L, Ear Care (Microsuction) Customer

Medical staff were friendly, thorough and experienced, I left feeling valued. Thank you.

R M, No-Scalpel Vasectomy Customer

Very polite and efficient service.

E P, Carpal Tunnel Decompression Customer

Friendly, professional, comprehensive and easy.

H G, Carpal Tunnel Decompression Customer

Delighted to get an appointment so quickly, everyone was so friendly and knowledgeable and it was a stress free experience. Felt listened to for the whole process and came away very happy. Would highly recommend.

L W, Ear-Care (Custom Ear Moulds) Customer

From start to finish the experience and services was brilliant and faultless. Communication was brilliant.
The procedure was pain free and the nurse (sorry I didn't get their name) but are so friendly and calming. The doctor was also so professional and friendly. Honestly there is nothing to improve they are brilliant. Thank you so much.

Anonoymous, No-Scalpel Vasectomy Customer

A highly professional and caring service.

D H, Joint Injection Customer

I do not often leave feedback but I was very happy with the entire set up. I arrived 10 minutes early and waited no more than 10 minutes to he seen. Once in the room, I was welcomed by the doctor and 2 nurses who were all very pleasant. The procedure was very quick and painless and everything was explained very clearly and I am not quickly recovering thinking it was a very easy and painless situation. Thank you to all involved.

C S, No-Scalpel Vasectomy Customer

It's the first time I have been to the clinic we was made to feel comfortable straight away which put my child at ease. I feel like I was listened to and understood which is something through our journey that we haven't had! I was made to feel that everything would be ok and I wasn't alone which is such a big deal for someone doing it alone I can not thank the ladies enough; they made a massive difference to a very tough journey.

Parent of K W, ASD Assessment Customer

Amazing staff, clean and tidy offices. Put minds at ease. Very professional and caring.

Parent of G W, Right To Choose ASD Assessment Customer

Really impressed with my first visit for an assessment and so efficient for a follow up so soon in January 2024.

Anonymous, Carpal Tunnel Decompression Customer

Nicola was very kind and professional. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending your service.

S B, Ear-Care Microsuction Customer

I was anxious about coming but I was put at ease as soon as we arrived. There was no one else in the clinic so the whole experience felt like they actually had the time for you. The atmosphere was relaxing and I was instantly put at ease. Both ladies were so good with the children and I didn't once feel judged or anxious. Well worth the 2.5 hour journey. 

Parent of A & L G, Right to Choose ASD Customer

Me and my son arrived for his autism assessment yesterday and we were made to feel very welcome, my son was well taken care of whilst in the assessment and he did mention he enjoyed it. I'm very pleased with how comfortable we were both made to feel and all professionals were genuinely lovely. This service is truly amazing, a very short wait compared to other pathways and I can't thank them enough for their help.

Parent of K W, Right To Choose ASD Assessment Customer

Amazing with my son and me, super supportive

Parent of V B, ASD Assessment Customer

A very welcoming atmosphere with friendly, smiley staff. My doctor was kind and thorough and took time to listen...

D S, Carpal Tunnel Decompression Customer

Both the doctor and nurse were incredible, not just in carrying out the procedure but their kind and compassionate demeanour, keeping me calm and explaining everything every step of the way...

T W, No-Scalpel Vasectomy Customer

We had trouble getting to the clinic due to public transport and the Provide Wellbeing clinic still saw us, they were great with my son and it was such a stress free assessment. Our son was diagnosed with Autism after years of waiting with the NHS but Provide Wellbeing is quick and helpful and would recommend them to anyone. 

Parent of N M, Right to Choose ASD Assessment

Deaf awareness and good explanation so had good experience.

M F, No-Scalpel Vasectomy Customer

The whole process was simple and quick after being referred over by the NHS due to long waiting times. I was so anxious before hand but I had no need to be. Hannah was absolutely amazing and so kind- she understood my son and his struggles better than any professional we have met before. She is special! Dr Band was easy to talk to. Overall, the whole experience was very positive. Thank you

Parent of J R, ASD Assessment Customer

The whole process was positive. In particular the nurse and the doctor on the day were brilliant.

C R, No-Scalpel Vasectomy Customer

Paul was a very thorough and caring practitioner. All aspects of my personal health profile were discussed along with the possible treatment of the left knee problem. He evaluated the area carefully and administered treatment painlessly. I've had similar treatments in the past and this was my first treatment with Olestin. I'm already feeling the benefits and look forward to increasing the level of my activity and wellbeing. Thank you so much.

J F, Joint Injections Customer

Very informative and comfortable experience.

Parent of M C, ASD Assessment Customer

Couldn't fault the service at all! Just excellent throughout. From the first email enquiring, the super quick responses, how helpful every single member of staff were, how professional everything was, and then finally the experience on the day was incredible! From what I thought would be an emotional day, actually wasn't too emotional. The way that the assessment was done and how lovely and positive the ladies were, just made it a positive experience!

Parent of H M, Right to Choose ASD Customer

All was very easy from start to finish, initially calling to start the process, short wait time and helpful & friendly staff on the phone. Happy to give updates via phone on where our son is on the waiting list. The facilities at the assessment were very nice and the staff at our son's assessment were very friendly and helpful, didn't feel rushed and treated us with respect and dignity at all times. Listened to us and the assessment felt very collaborative, respectful in giving us his diagnosis although this was not a surprise to us as a family but was dealt with very sensitively with signposting for post diagnosis given.

Parent of H D, Right to Choose ASD Customer

Fantastic service from start to finish. Great surgery. Great staff.

K W, No-Scalpel Vasectomy Customer

Arriving 20 mins early, they were ready for me and my son which was amazing. The facilities were very clean and cosy warm. The staff were super friendly and were so helpful. My son and I were nervous as we didn't know what to expect and were soon relaxed and chilled. Overall if I could give more than a 5 star rating I would. Couldn't recommend them enough.

Parent of J G, ASD Assessment Customer

I was very pleased with the excellent treatment provided. Friendly and professional staff explained everything.

R W, Minor Skin Customer

Excellent information and good reassurance as I was unsure of myself. The nurse was excellent at keeping me calm.

R N, Carpal-Tunnel Decompression Customer

Appointment on time, very helpful GP, discussed my problem at length and made decision promptly . Very happy with experience and easy parking which is so helpful in Colchester.

D G, Carpal-Tunnel Decompression Customer

Very professional, friendly and accommodating as I arrived late due to traffic and they fitted me in. Very impressed.

M A, Ear-Care Customer

Whole experience was excellent, very professional. Reception very helpful and kind. Surgeon explained procedure in an easily understandable way and carried it out in a swift and efficient way. On the way home in less than an hour. Premises modern and in excellent condition.

M C, Carpal Tunnel Decompression Customer

Fantastic medical experience, superb staff, unhurried appointment, so much better than any hospital visit I have ever known. Many thanks

S L, Carpal-Tunnel Decompression Customer

The waiting area was clean, tidy and was greeted by a lovely receptionist. The doctor and assistant were brilliant, procedure in itself was short making for a quick getaway! All in all 25 minutes on site, but a worthwhile 25 minutes.

S D, No-Scalpel Vasectomy Customer

I have nothing but positive feedback for our appointment yesterday. All three members of staff were wonderful, and reassuring. They were wonderful with my daughter too and she wants to come back!

Parent of L G, Right to Choose ASD Customer

Warm and inviting environment, staff were professional, friendly and informative.

Parent of L T, ASD Assessment Customer

I felt comfortable with all of the staff I met and it felt very relaxed. Everyone seemed to know their tasks and seemed to work quickly and comfortably. The procedure was painless and felt like I was taken very good care of and have no bad comments.

A K, No-Scalpel Vasectomy Customer

Everyone was very friendly and made me feel at ease with the procedure. I was informed of any alteration of the procedure and felt comfortable with everything that has happened. No pain at all.

R L, No-Scalpel Vasectomy Customer

Everything was perfect and quick, well organised

Parent of T S, ASD Assessment Customer

I was seen at the time of my appointment, Dr Band was very charming and welcoming as were the SLT and when it was too overwhelming for my daughter they all stopped and put her needs first which was very reassuring.

Parent of G C, ASD Assessment Customer

Surgery was running on time. Reception staff could have been a little bit happier and greet with a smile. The surgeon and assistant performing the procedure however, were amazing and went above and beyond to make me feel at ease and were so polite and kind. They talked me through the procedure and explained throughout the process what they were doing. They also talked to me to take my mind off the procedure. Just such down to earth nice people. The surgery itself was well presented, clean and tidy. Overall a really good experience considering circumstances.

P A, No-Scapel Vasectomy Customer

Very well run practice and very helpful staff, and thanks to the receptionist for going the extra mile with my next appointment problems.

J C, Carpal-Tunnel Decompression Customer, Provide HQ Clinic, Colchester

The Specialist and Amy were amazing from start to finish, they really took the time to learn about P.. as a person. So they had a great all round picture of P.... I will always be forever grateful to the team at Provide for their diagnosis and making it a positive experience.

Parent of P S, ASD Assessment Customer, Chelmer Clinic, Chelmsford

The young man who operated the ear suction treatment was very caring, helpful and patient, and was also able to give some useful information to me.

P K, Ear-Care Microsuction Customer, Kestrel House - Chelmsford

Finally cured me of my foot wart after 11 years

S S, Podiatry Customer, Provide HQ Clinic

Locally the waiting time where I am in Kent is 3 years so it was really good for my son to receive his assessment so quickly. He gets quite nervous when attending appointments but was made to feel comfortable and at ease throughout the appointment and at the end it was explained to him really well what it means to have autism which really helped him feel happy and content with his diagnosis as opposed to worrying about it.

C H, Right to Choose ASD Customer

The procedure had a complication on the right side but the Surgeon and Nurse persisted and procedure was completed in a efficient and professional manner.

S R, No-Scalpel Vasectomy Customer, Provide HQ Clinic

It's a great place to be, friendly, the doctor was very helpful and explained my concerns very well. And personally I don't know such awesome place existed. Thanks to all nice people.

M B, Carpal-Tunnel Decompression Customer, Provide HQ Clinic

Very easy and quick wait list.

Parent of R H, Right to Choose ASD Customer

The doctor and nurse made me feel very reassured and safe

T C, No-Scalpel Vasectomy Customer

We were all extremely nervous before this appointment. The staff put us all at ease, and explained everything that was going on.

Parent of R M, ASD Assessment Customer, Chelmer Clinic

Very happy with everything.

E C, Ear Care Customer, Chelmsford

I found the entire process through Provide Wellbeing very reassuring after having battled with the system run by the NHS in my area...The clinic itself was easy to find and imaculate and the people we saw there were so friendly that it made what we had expected to be a difficult day no problem at all.  We were all treated kindly and with respect and our son actually enjoyed the assessment and was really relaxed and happy talking to the therapists.  The explanation after our appointment was very clear and again, any questions we had were answered thoroughly. 

T K, Right to Choose ASD Customer

The receptionist greeted us warmly, took my details, then asked us if we wanted a drink then for us to sit. It was not long till the doctor came for me and allowed my son to accompany me. My examination was quite straight forward and the Doctor informed me that I had been suffering with carpal tunnel longer than I thought. He involved my son in the conversation which was good as I'm a bit hard of hearing, the doctor was very understanding to me, I have a date for my op, I thought all went well,and I was well looked after.

J G, Carpal Tunnel Decompression Customer, Provide HQ Clinic

Was very impressed with the service.

P T, No-Scalpel Vasectomy Customer, Provide HQ Clinic

Made to feel at ease. Very good listener.

D R, Adult ADHD Customer, Chelmer Clinic

The initial impression of our experience was how well the clinic was set out for a neurodivergent individual, the decor was refreshing & calming, the waiting room was empty apart from us, my son was particularly impressed with the toilet facilities, he hates using bathrooms, particularly public restrooms but commented on how lovely yours was & how clean it was. The staff were friendly & made us feel comfortable…. my son really enjoyed talking to the ladies who carried out his assessment & he came out of the clinic smiling & pleased with how his experience had gone, as was I. I am confident that his diagnosis will help him on the road to accepting himself for who he is :o) Thank you.

Parent of M F, ASD Assessment Customer, Chelmer Clinic

Extremely friendly staff on the reception who made me feel very calm and extremely welcome. The doctor I saw in my appointment was again very welcoming and accommodating, he happily answered all of the questions I could think of at the time and told me exactly what to expect when it comes to my next appointment.

J G, Carpal Tunnel Decompression Customer, Colchester

The Dr and nurse were very nice and they put me at ease.

D N, No-Scalpel Vasectomy Customer

Dr Leonhardt was very professional and took time to explain his diagnosis and followed up by a comprehensive report and advice.

C G, Minor Skin Surgery Customer, Colchester Clinic

Superb, painless procedure and extremely friendly conversation to keep me at ease

S H, No-Scalpel Vasectomy Customer

Everything was very friendly, professional and caring; great experience, thank you.

D C, Carpal Tunnel Decompression Customer, Colchester

I had the best experience with the nurse that attended to me on the afternoon of 21st September for an ear microsuction appointment. Unfortunately I didn't catch her name! She treated me with empathy, made absolutely sure I received the best care before I left and I will definitely be visiting again. Thank you.

A S, Ear Care Microsuction Customer, Livewell Hub

I can't fault the service. It was a relaxed experience from start to finish. I have already recommended you to my brother-in-law who has booked a procedure with you.

J C, No-Scalpel Vasectomy Customer

The staff were absolutely amazing, my son struggled to leave the car, they...started the assessment outside until he felt safe to go in the building.

Parent of B B, ASD Assessment Customer, Chelmer Clinic

First class service, on time and efficient.

M M, Carpal Tunnel Decompression Customer, Colchester Clinic

I felt at ease, as did my son. Everyone was friendly, professional and just amazing.

Parent of E T, ASD Assessment Customer, Chelmer Clinic

I had a vasectomy and I have never been so nervous.. but from walking into the reception I was made to feel comfortable then was called to treatment room. Straight away I was put at ease and after the dos and donts etc layer down and within 20 mins I was done. I couldn't believe it. No pain whatsoever. Highly recommend company in my eyes. Very professional.

D A, No-Scalpel Vasectomy Customer, Colchester Clinic

Reception staff always very friendly, helpful and pleasant . Paul is amazing and my injections pain free .

Z S, Joint Injection Customer, Colchester Clinic

Was very clean and tidy, was very nervous for my appointment but was put at ease by the doctor and his assistant, they was both very professional and helped me. Would highly recommend.

Mr D P, No Scalpel Vasectomy Customer, Colchester

Receptionist was very nice and friendly, from the moment I walked in the door I felt at ease, Dr Hein Leonhardt, was amazing from the first meeting, when it came to the op he explained what was going to happen and I even watched!

Mrs G S, Carpel Tunnel Decompression Customer, Colchester

The service was brilliant and ran smoothly. There was very limited waiting around, which is always a positive, especially for my son. The staff were very welcoming and friendly, too. The feedback at the end of the assessment was welcomed, as it helps to put anxiety to rest and provide some much needed answers...Thank you for today, to the staff. We were made welcome and listened too. And as a parent, I felt validated, with my concerns. 

H R, Right to Choose ASD Customer

The setting was really calm and relaxed and the staff were all friendly and approachable. They really put us all at ease and were very knowledgeable and experienced.

Parent of J B, ASD Customer, Chelmer Clinic

Dr and nurse were excellent, very kind and explained everything to me. I'm very happy with the result.

D R, Minor Skin Surgery Patient, Colchester Clinic

Both my Husband and I had Microsuction and were very satisfied. Lovely caring lady Joanne, she was very professional and made sure we were happy with results. Would completely recommend.

P C, Ear Care Customer, Kestrel House Clinic

Jo is wonderful, and all the staff are friendly, from when you first walk in the building to leaving, it's a very comfortable experience

TW, Ear Care Customer, Colchester Clinic

Thanks to both who were at the appointment as they were brilliant. Put my mind at ease and was almost painless.

A R, No-Scalpel Vasectomy Customer

Excellent professional service. Nurse explained the procedure in detail before and during the microsuction. She made you feel very comfortable.

P P, Ear Care (Microsuction) Customer, Colchester

The lady who carried out the procedure on my son was amazing!! She was calm, warm and completely understanding of our situation. When the procedure wasn't 100% successful due to a minor complication she offered some possible solutions which was lovely. I would definitely revisit if necessary and recommend. I travelled over 100 miles for this appointment and would do the same again if I needed to.

Parent of J S, Ear Care Customer, Colchester Clinic

The staff made me feel very comfortable, the clinic was really nice and clean. I would like to give special mention to the doctor as it has been 24 hours since my surgery and I have no pain. The incision is tiny and it was all done extremely quickly and efficiently. Thank you for your help!

A H, Vasectomy Customer, Colchester

Fantastic service from start to finish. When booking the appointment the lady on the phone couldn't be more helpful at trying to tie appointments up for me, to when we arrived and had treatment, the lady who did the treatment was so kind and caring and explained everything and made my daughter feel so at ease and relaxed.

Parent of O P, Ear Care Customer, Kestrel House

Regarding the service you provide, there isn’t a way to improve it. I told the clinicians I saw on the day they have changed my daughters life (in a good way). We had no hope of getting a diagnosis locally as they fail to recognise masking girls and their triage forms didn’t capture my daughter. On top of that, a 3+ year wait for assessment would have meant she was sitting her GCSE’s before she even had an assessment. Your service was an absolute life saver and I will sing your prayers forever! 

K S, Right to Choose ASD Customer

The staff were knowledgeable and so kind. They really listened and helped us to understand our child's strengths as well as struggles. We left the service feeling extremely positive and relieved.

Parent of E W, ASD Diagnosis Service, Chelmer Clinic

It was lovely to attend yesterday for our sons assesment. Staff were welcoming and all introduced themselves to us. Our son was made to feel at ease which was evident in his willingness to separate from us for a short period. Staff were very informative and we also felt heard and our experiences acknowledged.

Parent of A P, ASD Diagnosis Service Customer, Chelmer Clinic

From my consultation to my operation for Carpal Tunnel the service was excellent. Dr Ali was very professional informative and made me feel at ease. The staff nurse who accompanied him during my operation was friendly and helpful with information for me to take away post my operation . I feel I will have no issues in returning in getting my other hand done. Thank you very much for giving my hand a new lease of life.

Mrs J B, Carpal Tunnel Decompression Customer, Colchester

This has been a really positive experience for me. It took me a long time to decide whether I was going to have the mole removed. I felt like I was betraying a sense of my character as it was on my face and I have had it all my life, but it didn't feel like it was a cute characteristic anymore. This has all been an empowering process for me to make a decision about my body and a change that I wanted to make. And it's all gone really well and I'm really happy with the result.

Miss E T, Minor Skin Surgery Customer, Colchester

From the pleasant greeting, drinks available and nice settings, to the kind helpful doctor who was happy to answer any questions about the treatment. Can't fault the service.

Mrs A T, Carpal Tunnel Assessment Customer

Our experience with Provide wellbeing was faultless... we were treated with respect and given information to help our daughter to know where she was going...We didn't feel rushed and felt our views were heard and listened too by the doctor and he was extremely calm, professional and made us feel relaxed...we knew our daughter was in great hands...It was so comforting and validating as parents with an autistic child for someone to see what we do...I would recommend your services to anyone requiring a quick, faultless, professional, caring assessment and more professionals should be using your services to help the children struggling within the Essex area...

Parents of L E, ASD Assessment Customer, Chelmer Clinic

Dr [Leonhardt] was excellent, explaining what the procedure entailed in an easy to understand and calm way. The procedure itself was pain free (apart from the initial anaesthetic which only lasts seconds anyway)  The nurse (Lianne) was also exceptional and very easy to talk to. Her chatting made me feel at ease and not think about the procedure too!   Good explanatory points made in relation to expectation of pain afterwards and exercises to help recovery - and notes were given too.  Thank you so much.”

Mrs N P, Carpal Tunnel Decompression Customer, Colchester

As you can imagine I was very apprehensive going to the appointment. My daughter was anxious and was begging me not to leave her when we got there but it was such a calm and welcoming environment that her worries soon went. All the team were very friendly, thank you.

Parent of Miss A B, ASD Assessment Customer, Chelmer Clinic

We felt comfortable and especially liked that we were the only family in at that time. It made it less stressful and easier on our son. I thought the specialists were great. Our son relaxed quickly and went in for the assessment easily... It was very friendly, warm and professional. They really got an accurate sense of our child and understood him well... Thank you.

Parent of J H, ASD Diagnosis Service Customer, Chelmer Clinic

Everyone involved with the diagnosis process made us feel at ease. When our son went to play he was having such a great time that he didn't want to leave. In fact, he asked this morning if he could go back and see them again.

Parent of J C, ASD Initial Assessment, Chelmer Clinic

The staff were all very welcoming and supportive. The procedure was very easy and well managed with minimum discomfort and zero awkwardness, it could't have gone better. Thank you to the team!

Mr M R, No Scalpel Vasectomy Customer

Really friendly, relaxed and so peaceful. Our little girl didn't even know what was happening. Just playing and talking.

Parents of E P, Right to Choose ASD Customer

Really great service. Made to feel at ease the minute I arrived. Clean and smart waiting area. Friendly staff. The procedure itself was really quick and I didn't feel a thing!

Mr M H, Vasectomy Customer, Colchester

The place, the location was very nice and calm. The service was very very good. We saw Dr Amin, such a lovely man, made us as a family very comfortable and at ease. We also saw Hannah and Amy, they were very good with my child. Our experience at this place has been outstanding...Thank you so much for our positive experience.

D K, ASD Service Customer, Chelmer Clinic

Hannah Westwood and Dr Band were both warm, friendly and compassionate, putting my daughter and I at ease straight away . They were extremely professional. Thank you

G J, ASD/ADHD Service Customer, Chelmer Clinic

Excellent customer service and a really nice Surgery- very clean and modern. The surgeon explained everything really clearly and the nurse was friendly. I felt well looked after and everything went very smoothly

Mr P S, No-Scalpel Vasectomy Customer, Colchester

From the polite and friendly receptionist to the caring doctor and wonderful nurse, my entire experience was fantastic. Cannot sing praises loud enough.

Mrs J C, Carpal Tunnel Customer, Colchester

Amazing care, on time and efficient! Dr and nurse were brilliant and I couldn't have asked for a better experience

Mr L A, Vasectomy Customer

Absolutely top quality service from start to finish. Booking in was swift and easy. I got an appointment offered within weeks and the staff during my son's assessment were outstanding. They explained everything to us in detail and offered some great feedback. Would definitely recommend

E S, ASD/ADHD Customer, Chelmer Clinic

Jo Knight is superb, both professionally and personally. There are many places I could go for ear microsuction that are closer to home, but I am happy to drive to your Chelmsford clinic to be treated by Jo as she is one of the best I have encountered over many years of requiring this service.

Mr S B, Ear-Care Customer, Chelmsford

I was an anxious patient. However ,the professionalism, the politeness, the kindness ,the advice of both the surgeon & the nurse calmed me. I felt secure & lucky that was under their care & not worried about the outcomes. The secretary was lovely as well. Great choice of employees. I cannot thank you enough as with this procedure, the pain that I have endured through the years hopefully will disappear...

Mrs G K, Carpal Tunnel Patient, Colchester

Receptionist and both doctor and nurse were absolutely brilliant! Professional and positive throughout. It was an absolute pleasure, despite the procedure.

Mr T H, No-Scalpel Vasectomy Patient, Colchester

Excellent treatment, Dr Hein Leonhardt was very reassuring and professional and his nurse was equally as professional and attentive. Treatment was very good and pain free. Aftercare explained, 5 star treatment, would definitely recommend. Thank you...

Anonymous Minor Skin Customer, Colchester

I have had the best experience with Provide Wellbeing. My son has finally had a diagnosis for ADHD and the Dr...made the process so easy and smooth. Absolutely over the moon.

Anonymous ADHD Customer, Chelmsford Clinic

We were treated with respect and care throughout and they really looked after my daughter, putting her at ease as much as they could. They addressed all of our questions and concerns and explained everything before, during and after. I would highly recommend this team. They have helped us enormously. Thank you very much.

Miss C A D, ASD Patient, Chelmsford

Following my husband's extremely positive experience at his minor surgery with Dr. Speers I had an assessment for mole removal, I had been puttng this off after a very negative experience at another clinic in London….I could not have wished for a more polite, sympathetic, & empathetic experience from initial assessment through to the removal of two moles….Dr. Speer and his colleagues provided a first class service.

J F, Minor Skin Surgery Customer, Colchester

The personnel was really thoughtful and professional, I was attended on time and the procedure was quick and painless as described. Good facilities, clean and organized.

Anonymous Non-Scalpel Vasectomy Patient

Was very nervous but both Dr Saad and Nurse McGoldrick made me feel at ease, cannot thank them enough

Mr P R B, No Scapel Vasectomy Patient

The service was great and the doctor was very professional and so was the nurse Made me feel at ease and comfortable...the reception lady was very polite as soon as we arrived we were told to help our self to a drink so thank you all for your kindness to me and my wife. Best regards Mr & Mrs H 3/5/2023

Mr D J H, Carpal Tunnel Patient, Colchester

Dr Band, Hannah and Amie were all so good with our Son. He enjoyed the experience and it wasn't stressful at all. Very impressed!

Anonymous ADHD Customer, Chelmer Clinic

I had quick responses from all members of the team. Everyone I spoke to, both before and during our visit were polite, friendly and informative.

Parent of R G, Right to Choose ASD Customer

Please pass on highest praise and thanks to the staff who carried out the procedure. Both were exceptional, both with the professional skill (painless op) and being friendly and personable through. Amazing experience and very grateful . Many thanks

Mr D M, No-Scalpel Vasectomy Customer

I was very nervous prior to the procedure but both doctors made me feel very relaxed about it all. They answered all my questions and performed the procedure in a pain free and calm manner. Thank you to both ladies.

Mr C C, No Scalpel Vasectomy Customer, Sawbridgeworth Clinic

Very welcoming on arrival and my daughter quickly settled into the independent play which wasn't necessarily expected! She was made comfortable and was engaged very quickly. Thorough and clear with outcomes shared carefully and thoughtfully.

Anonymous ASD/ADHD Customer, Chelmer Clinic

The facility was incredible. So impressed that we were able to be the only ones there. Superb for ASD assessments and children that will in all likelihood feel overwhelmed. Amazing supportive staff who took extra time to talk to my child and me after the assessment was completed regarding their trans gender feelings. They then adjusted the report to include my child's name and gender preferences. First time we've vocalised this to any healthcare professionals. It was dealt with so sensitively and supportively. Thank you

Anonymous ASD/ADHD Customer

I had three appointments with Dr Speers, my initial assessment, my operation, and a subsequent examination just because I was worried but turned out to be nothing….my initial contact by phone, through receptionist and to Dr Speers could not have been better, all staff were kind and welcoming: Dr Speers was equally so but extremely understanding and empathetic…my surgery was skillfully carried out in a welcoming friendly environment with two nurses in attendance who were equally kind and thoughtful…a superb service…I have only the highest praise for Provide Wellbeing in Colchester

Anonymous Minor-Skin Surgery Customer

Very efficient at all stages of process. All staff I engaged with super helpful and friendly. Then the facility I was treated at was lovely and doctor and nurse were excellent. I was nervous at first but they put me at ease.

Mr S S, No-Scalpel Vasectomy Customer, Sawbridgeworth Clinic

From start to finish I was so impressed with the service. Hannah was absolutely amazing with my daughter. She came out to the car to help make my child feel relaxed and at ease enough to go inside. They were at the end of a phone when I needed advice and support. A very warm, welcoming and relaxed approach.

Parent of A B, Right to Choose ASD Customer

Dr Ali and his theater nurse were welcoming and made me feel calm throughout the procedure. Due to Dr Ali's skill, there was little post operative pain or discomfort, for which I am thankful.

Mr PG, Non-Scalpel Vasectomy Patient, Colchester Clinic

Staff were so welcoming when we first came in and made us all feel at ease. The Dr was interested and even asked to keep my notes. The ladies who did the practical assessment were nice and seemed well informed and gave a clear explanation post assesment. Even though my daughter masks and is high functioning there seemed to be no doubt about the diagnosis. They noticed subtle behaviours and referred to them during the de brief. I was so happy to recieve the outcome in the day too. Overall we're very happy with the experience and would recommend Provide Wellbeing to others

Parent of Miss EA, Chelmer ASD Clinic

Very impressed with the service from start to finish. Procedure was explained clearly before hand and also the steps I need to take after the procedure were clearly explained. Everything went well during the procedure, and the doctor and nurse were very reassuring every step of the way. The nurse (Leanne) was really good at taking to me throughout about everyday things, meaning that it took my mind away from the procedure. Very impressed with the doctor and nurse, I couldn't have asked for better. And the premises was really nice, my wife was able to wait comfortably in the waiting room and the secretary offered us coffee and drinks on arrival. A really good service from everyone at the Wellbeing team, thank you it made everything very comfortable and easy for me.

Mr MT, Non-Scalpel Vasectomy Customer, Colchester Clinic

As usual Nicola the audiologist was extremely professional and caring and was able to clear my ears of wax even though they were completely blocked. The new Live Well hub facility in Braintree is wonderful, clean, spacious and welcoming.

Anonymous Ear Care Customer, Livewell Clinic, Braintree

Firstly the receptionist was very friendly and welcoming, offered me a coffee. Dr Leonhardt was on time and explained things to me including showing pictures of possible side effects to be sure I was up to speed and happy to proceed. He has a good bedside manner and I was happy to go ahead. The theatre is all good, nice and clean and bright. The nurses were lovely and made conversation as the surgery was underway which was nice as it helps to keep your mind off what was happening. Dr Leonhardt even showed me the cyst he removed after and explained it was nothing worry about so there was no need for histology. Overall quick and easy, very pleased.

Anonymous Minor-Skin Surgery Customer, Colchester Clinic

The team at Provide well-being were all very welcoming making our visit & overall experience relaxed & calm. They adapted to my son's anxiety when he left the room & reassuring to us as family. They delivered the outcome without my child present which I will forever be eternally grateful to them for as I already knew what the answer was going to possibly be but I was still overwhelmed with emotions & they made sure that my son did not have to witness my reaction to his diagnosis.

Anonymous ASD/ADHD Customer, Chelmer Clinic

Was extremely helpful made myself feel at ease with everything going on and made it a comfortable environment for my boys whilst interacting with them. Explained everything what was happening to what they had seen and was able to give me the outcome on the day!

Anonymous ASD Customer, Chelmsford Clinic

I thought your surgeon and nurse were amazing. Great communication and reassured me the whole way though. Top work!

Mr M N, Suffolk Vasectomy Clinic

The lady who did my daughter's microsuction was absolutely lovely. The centre was new...with good facilities. My daughter is only 4 and she had a really positive experience.

Anonymous Ear-Care Customer, Braintree Clinic

I found everything from booking the appointment, payment, assessment and treatment to be very efficient and professional. I particularly found the practitioner Paul Harrison to be highly professional, took time to undertake a full assessment and carry out the treatment as gently as possible. I would have no hesitation using your service in the future.

Anonymous Joint Injection Customer, Chelmer Clinic

After an initial bit of anticipation the team at Provide Wellbeing helped set my mind at rest that the non scalpel vasectomy surgery was the best, most relatively pain free way to go. The surgery really was pain free and the following recovery period was only slightly uncomfortable for a few days. I really would recommend this service to anyone.

Anonymous No-Scalpel Vasectomy Customer, Colchester Clinic

Very good service. The lady I saw was really nice and remembered me from my last visit. The procedure was quick and expertly done with no discomfort for me and l left with clean ears and much better hearing.

Anonymous Ear Care Customer, Halstead Community Hospital

I just want to thank the three of you for everything you’ve done. Your service was incredible, you were all so supportive, caring, helpful and understanding.

Anonymous ASD/ADHD Customer

All staff I came into contact with were excellent. I was very nervous going in for my procedure but they all put me at ease. I will definitely recommend Provide Wellbeing.

Mr M S, No Scalpel Vasectomy Customer, Colchester Clinic

The entire process went very smoothly. I was impressed with all the information that was gathered on top of what I provided. Dr Band was absolutely lovely. He was perfect with my daughter. Thank you

Anonymous ASD/ADHD Customer, Chelmer Clinic

Ear micro suction carried out by Nicola Yarnall. I was really pleased and impressed with the highly professional and kindly service provided. Thank you very much!

Anonymous Ear Care Customer, Chelmsford Clinic

Excellent clean facility and first class staff. My apologies for not recalling either of the Doctor or Nurse who carried out my procedure but thanks to them both for helping a bit of a squeamish patient!

Mr O M, Colchester Vasectomy Clinic

Such a lovely kind doctor. So good with my little girl. And so good to me also. Very daunting and confusing process but the doctor was so helpful explaining things to me in simple terms. Highly recommended

Anonymous ASD/ADHD Services Customer, Stapleford House Clinic

The booking process was very straightforward. I received a phone call soon after submitting an expression of interest. Everything was explained clearly including procedure, booking and payment. The surgery itself was done with great care and I was kept informed by the medical team from start to finish.

Anonymous No Scalpel Vasectomy Customer, Colchester Clinic

My experience was great. Everything went very smoothly and my doctor, Dr Leonhardt did a brilliant job. All marks on my face have now almost gone. Thank you.

Anonymous Minor-Skin Customer, Colchester Clinic

From the pre op phone call right through to the chat after the procedure, I was made to feel very safe and looked after. The surgeons assistant could see my concern during the procedure and talked to me to calm me down which was a really nice touch. I have no pain and everything went very smoothly. Thank you!

R A, No-Scalpel Vasectomy Patient, Sawbridgeworth Clinic

Hannah and Amy were amazing. Made me, my husband and twins so comfortable. Explained everything in detail and were both so caring. I couldn't thank them enough for making it easier on us.

Anonymous, Self-Pay ASD/ADHD Customer

Amazing! We (13 daughter & I) waited only 4 weeks for ASD assessment following referral to the Chelmer clinic from our community paediatrician. The clinic is new and set in lovely grounds. It is central and east to find. We were made to feel relaxed from the phone call to book the appt where things were explained, to the information sent via email so we'd know what to expect. On arrival Dr Band, Helen and Claire (?) were so friendly and immediately put us at ease. We felt listened to and not rushed.

Anonymous, Southend ASD Customer

Dr Alan Speers did a first-class job, from the initial consultation to the completion of the surgery. Ably assisted by a nurse (sorry I've forgotten her name) I was put at ease throughout.

Anonymous, Minor-Skin Surgery Customer

Raul was amazing. Extremely knowledgeable and caring.

Anonymous, Ear Care Customer

I would like to thank Dr Saad and the nurse that was with him yesterday 23rd November, you guys were fantastic and I really appreciate your time, help and aftercare knowledge. Thank you.

Anonymous, Vasectomy Customer, Sawbridgeworth

Second time visiting, this time for myself and not my child. Dr Band is always very welcoming. Explains everything clearly. I recommend the services already for children but will extend my recommendation to adults. Thank you

Anonymous, Adult ASD/ADHD Customer

It was very easy to book the appointment. The surgeon and nurse were very friendly and really made me feel at ease. The appointment was on time and it was a quick process but at no point felt rushed. Everything was explained to me thoroughly. Very professional but friendly service, highly recommended.

Anonymous, No Scalpel Vasectomy Customer

Would recommend to anyone. Nice nurse, great surgeon. Thank you.

Anonymous Carpal Tunnel Customer, Southend

Really quick procedure, really professional, overall very pleased. Just cannot wait for the surgery to heal now for the results

Anonymous, Minor Skin Customer

First class service throughout, initially with the friendly receptionist (sorry didn't get her name) then Jo who gently removed the wax from my ears. I couldn't have asked for a better experience - thank you.

Anonymous, Ear Care Customer

Dr Band was very welcoming and displayed a genuine empathetic and caring manner to my son. My son felt at ease with Dr Band which meant he was able to be honest about how he was feeling. The appointments were prompt, thorough and detailed. We were also given a plan of care for my son going forward.

Anonymous ASD/ADHD Customer

The surgeon and nurses were absolutely amazing during what could have been a very unpleasant experience having a large lipoma removed. Lovely friendly and professional throughout.

Anonymous, Minor Skin Customer

Doctor was very friendly, knowledgable and professional, explained the process and did not feel anything. Definitely recommend

Anonymous, Joint-Injection Customer

I was very impressed with your service right from booking my appointment to the actual service given on the day. I was sent a confirmation email that included detailed directions and upon arrival was met by a very friendly and professional member of staff who carried out the painless micro suction procedure with total efficiency. I will use your company again and would definitely recommend you 100% Many thanks . Also cheaper than many other companies.

Anonymous, Ear Care Customer

I experienced no pain during the procedure, only mild discomfort, and have not felt any pain since then (yesterday). Everyone I spoke to throughout the process was so warm and polite, and the surgeon explained everything very clearly, and really put me at ease. I would recommend a vasectomy at Tollgate Clinic in a heartbeat.

Anonymous No Scalpel Vasectomy Customer

Amazing, kind and patient especially Dr. Band. Just really lovely person through and through.

Anonymous, ASD/ADHD Customer

Just had the procedure. It was really well done. The Dr was excellent. Explained every step calmy and professionally. The nurse comforted me and put me completely at ease. Didn't catch her name but if you could pass on my positive experience to both. She was amazing. 

Thank you for all your help in organising and getting me booked in. I'm so happy it went so well and was pain free. 

Anonymous, Davenport House, Harpenden

I found your service thorough and professional. Additionally, I was really delighted to be able to have the time to discuss fully the issues with such an experienced professional. Indeed, following the assessment the advice and treatment you recommended appear to have sorted out a long term problem that was getting worse and causing me increasing pain and discomfort. Many thanks.

Jackie, Colchester

Thank you for seeing and assessing me so promptly. You really put my mind at ease and prevented an unnecessary trip to the GP which as it turns out would not have yielded any benefit or sorted out the problem I came to you about.

Anonymous, Chelmsford

My Mum attended A&E on Sunday as she was feeling dizzy and unwell. She had a thorough check over and was discharged but told that her ears were blocked. She attended her GP on Monday who could not help, I phoned Provide Wellbeing on Tuesday morning and was able to an appointment with Jo later that day and it has made a huge improvement for her. Many thanks.

Beth, Colchester

I'd been putting off going to my GP for a very long time but when my wife mentioned Provide Wellbeing and that I could get an appointment the same week I thought I might as well go for it. I'm so glad I did, my Provide Wellbeing Audiologist was so knowledgeable and took the time to explain both the Microsuction procedure and my condition to me. Understanding why my ears give me so much trouble also put my mind at rest, which has made me a lot happier.

Ryan, Colchester
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